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10 Ways to enjoy a Summer Evening

1. Visit a Pond or Lake

The animals and fish are more active at night so bring a piece of bread to feed them.  You're may also see ducks, snakes and turtles - not to mention a beautiful sunset reflected on the water!

2. Catch Fireflies

A nice experience that you should try once! Take a clear jar (plastic works best for younger kids) and sit outside on a warm evening.  You'll start to see the lights before you know it.

3. Go on a Night Hike

Everything looks different at night and you will love to bring along flashlights (torches) to discover what's hiding in the shadows...

4. Pitch a Tent

In your own backyard or at a local campsite, it's always fun to sleep outdoors on a summer night.

5. See an Outdoor Play or Concert

Outdoor theater is huge in the summer months!  Check with your local community theater to see if they offer any outdoor shows. Outdoor summer concerts can be found to local parks, museums and shopping areas.  Take a few snacks and enjoy the music!

6. See Fireworks

Sure you love the firework shows every summer!

7. View the Stars

Take either a hammock or a blanket and lie down outside to see what constellations you can find!

8. Visit a Planetarium

Spend the evening looking up at the stars, planets and all the amazing things in space through some huge telescopes. 

9. Take a Bike Ride

You would much rather enjoy an evening ride in the cooler weather than during the heat of the day.  Just make sure you have reflectors on your bike!

10. Go on an Animal Hunt

All those nocturnal animals begin to come out at dusk (before dark) so it's usually easy to spot a few of them.  We may see foxes, deers, bunnies, boars, a wolf... We can even hear the owls in our town after dusk.  

Now share with us your evening experiences. You can post them in the blog comments!