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Science Fair 2018



  • Choose a topic question/problem to investigate. 
  • Your question will drive your entire project. 
  • Make sure that your question is something that can be measured and answered by following the scientific process
  • Your question will also be the title of your project.
  • Do preliminary research. Collect and read books for your topic and info from educational web sites.
  • Develop a hypothesis based on your preliminary research.
  • Decide on the procedure that you will use to test your hypothesis.


All the information, steps, process, conclusions etc… should be on the board. Organization will provide you a large table to set up projects during the fair. Groups will have a maximum of 5 minutes to explain, show and answer questions in English about the projects.


Watch the videos with real Science Fair Experiences:

Science Fair II Aragon: The best moments

Shorecrest Preparatory School (St. Petersbourg, Florida) science projects

Science Fair presentations from Austin (Texas/USA) public schools

Science Fair poster board examples

10 Science Projects for Elementary School Students

Does Air Occupy Space?

9 Awesome Science Tricks Using Static Electricity

Milk Fireworks Experiment

Feeding Dec. 19 2015
Feeding Saragossa:
Informing against the Food Waste scandal!

-We waste the 1/3 of the food we produce!
-In Europe, every citizen is responsible of throwing out over 100 kilos of food a year suitable for consumption.
-Developed countries like ours throw out 222 million tons of food, the equivalent to the production of whole sub-saharan Africa.
- A large part of the food that supermarkets throw out everyday is in good conditions for its consumption.
- Sadly, at home, working and middle-class families also throw out food on a daily basis: 

Our school celebrated a very special week on April 2015, when we carried out several activities that made us undestand how hard and difficult the life of a handicapped person can be. This vid contains the summary of what we did those days. Enjoy!

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