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Human Body PowerPoint Project

You are a member of a select team of researchers. The task ahead of you is to investigate a Human Body System; become the most knowledgeable of researchers.  You will be focusing on one system of the human body, and you will present your investigation to the class.  Good luck!


All information must be factual and accurate.

All materials must be cited ie, Textbooks, Internet Sites, Encyclopedia according to the Bibliography Basics.

Watch for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Each slide should include a graphic and some text.

Most of all.BE CREATIVE!!

PowerPoint Slides

Slide 1:

Ø Title Slide

o System Name

o Illustration

o Researchers Names

Slide 2:

Ø Particulars of the­­­­­­­­­­­­ (____) system

o System purpose/role

o Main organs (Picture of organs) and their functions 

(this may need more than a slide)

Slide 3:

Ø Illnesses

o Name and describe a disease, disorder, or problem associated with your body system

o How someone contracts the illness

o Include cures and treatments available

o What problems can occur with your system?

Slide 4:

Ø Staying Healthy

o What can people do to keep your system healthy

Slide 5:

Ø Resources (using Bibliography Basics)
 Make a list of all resources used
 Include Internet Addresses (information, graphics and clipart)
 Include Title and Author of all books used

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David Sebastián said...

Hi everybody! First off, Happy New Year! Sorry for the delay on posting the Activities Worksheet. There were some unavoidable problems with the old Mediafire server so I had to leave it off. Now the link works so you can download and print the exercises freely and safe. See you all back soon.

Unknown said...

We have to made only activities workseet or also the activities into the book? Thanks

Covadonga Monge said...

Hi. Happy New Year.
One question. We have to made only the Activities Worksheet or also the activities into de book? Thanks.

David Sebastián said...

Nice to read from you again, Cova. The answer is YES, you must do that worksheet only although the exercises are taken right from the novel. Enjoy the last holiday weekend!

David Sebastián said...

I see there is a little confusion about the task to do... Remember kids: only the worksheet must be done.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!So we have to do only the exercises that are down of the book ¿no?Thanks...

David Sebastián said...

Hello there and happy new year!

I've been out for a week, I'm so sorry for the delay in answer you back. The exercises to be done are the one up this very same blog page (Christmas Work), NOT THE ONES THERE ARE IN THE BOOK. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation. See you back soon!

Anonymous said...


Function: The function of the respiratory system is to take oxygen from the air, necessary for cellular functions, and remove the carbon dioxide product of these functions outward. ... Also, it allows the passage of air to the trachea and the lungs.

Anonymous said...

The basic functions of the skeletal system are:
· Serve as support: Since they provide the body with a rigid support frame for muscles and soft tissues.
· Protect the bones: forming several cavities that protect the internal organs from possible blows.

Erika 6-C said...

· Diseases: https://www.livestrong.com/article/130220-common-diseases-skeletal-system/

·Bursitis: common locations for bursitis appear in the shoulders, elbows and hips.
Bursitis is a painful condition impacting the cushioning between the bones, tendons
and muscles near the joints.

·Arthritis: Arthritis is a joint disorder causing inflammation and pain in the affected area. There
are several forms of arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation lists the most common as
osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative joint
disease. The breakdown of cartilage in this form of arthritis leads to the bones rubbing
together, causing stiffness, pain and eventual loss of movement in the joint.

Erika said...


Anonymous said...

Hello where are the videos of the project there are only the powerpoints