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Fun in the Snow 

1. Why did Mother send the children outdoors? 
2. What did the children put on to go out in the snow? 
3. Name three ways Jay and Joy played in the snow. 
4. Who went for a sleigh ride? 
5. How do you know it was a very cold day?
6. What would you do on a snowy day?
7. Write the words for these meanings: 

a piece of cloth worn around the neck or head 
to put an outer covering around 
a type of cloth made from the hair of a sheep 
covers to protect ears from the cold 
a large vehicle with runners used on snow 

8. Write a phrase to each of these words

settle down 
all bundled up
wrap around
tug on
zip up
put on
pull on

9. The words below are in the present tense. They tell what happens now. Write the past tense of each word. Make a sentence out of each:

shout  eat   run   begin   play   make

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