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The Five Kingdoms

Scientists believe that there are over 10 million different kinds of lifeforms, or species, on Earth. Imagine trying to study and understand the lives, patterns, behaviors and evolution of so many different kinds of organisms. Scientists start by classifying lifeforms in groups called kingdoms. 

These kingdoms represent a very large group of lifeforms that are all similar in some ways, but can be very different from one another in other ways. The five kingdoms that biologists have developed are the Monera Kingdom, the Protist Kingdom, the Fungi Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom:

# 1: Fungi

# 2: Dieffenbachia 

# 3: Bacteria

# 4: Dog puppies

#5: Amoeba

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Wow esto es increíble.
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Que chulo.Lucia Clemente

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esto es perfecto para estudiar ,mucha informacion ,sobresaliente asegurado eso si lo estudiamos jiji me gustaaa
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